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Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Worlds II PAL PS3 JB Playstation 3 Game free full download (high speed torrent)

  • SouthPeak Games
  • TopWare Interactive
  • Role-Playing
  • Release: Jan 25, 2011
  • ESRB: Mature
  • Size: 4.17 GB

Two Worlds II expands the RPG adventure by introducing new game content, extending gameplay and providing you with the answers to many questions and mysteries which arose in the main story. Besides several well-known regions of Antaloor, there are also completely new territories to explore. The combat system has been further enhanced too, with an active blocking system, a completely new means of transport, a much-enhanced reaction system from NPCs, and other tweaks.


Playing this release is only possible only on Jailbreak console. In Two Worlds 2 [EUR][PS3][English] you will find a map BLES00845. Copy that map to your internal HDD. Run multyMAN and the game will appear on the list.

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