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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CyberLink PowerDirector free full download with serial key + Update + User Guide

Supercharge your video editing with this blazing fast application

PowerDirector is the world's first 64-bit consumer video editing software. Designed for use in the HD Video era, only PowerDirector gives you the speed, power, creativity and scalability to unleash your full potential as a video editor.

PowerDirector comes with advanced editing tools that are easy to operate yet configurable for unlimited possibilities. Use the 100 track timeline to make the most sophisticated video effects, 3 power tools to create the perfect visual effects and 8 instant enhancement tools to fix color, lighting and even upscale your videos to HD-like quality.

Featuring design rooms for adding your own personal touch of art to your video production, you can use the new title set designer to create stylish and consistent video masterpieces. Download over 110,000 free effects from DirectorZone and even contribute your own unique creations.

Then once your video is ready, easily share it on Blu-ray, DVDs, Facebook Directorzone and even smart phones and portable devices. Publish to YouTube the world's most popular video blogging website and share your movies with everyone.

What's New in This Release:

Native 64-bit support:
· CyberLink PowerDirector 9 takes advantage of all your computer's available RAM to speed up movie creation.
· Access to more RAM makes it possible for CyberLink PowerDirector 9 to work more smoothly with high-resolution content.

New powerful and flexible timeline track control behavior:
· Add up to 100 video and audio tracks to the timeline.
· Linked video and audio tracks when video files with audio are added.
· Option to unlink a video's audio for ease of editing or movement on the timeline.
· Complete editing freedom on the timeline with the absence of a master video track.
· Less restrictions on which tracks you can add media clips to.
· Group media clips together for ease of movement on the timeline.
· Customize track names so they are easy to identify in the timeline.
· Reorder video tracks using a simple click and drag process.
· Drag all clips from one video track to another, or drag an audio clip from one audio track to another.

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