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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chronicles Of Mystery: Legend Sacred Treasure PC Game and Crack free full download (high speed torrent)

  • Mastertronic
  • City Interactive
  • Puzzle
  • Release: Nov 12, 2010 (EU)
  • Size: 336 MB

With smarts, intelligence, and a zest for adventure, young American journalist Chelsea Connor decides to explore the mysterious circumstances surrounding her father's death. Her father, an experienced treasure hunter, never returned home from his grand expedition to Africa. Her search for answers will take her from Paris to Ethiopia, as she pieces together the clues about an elusive hidden object that may present evidence as to his disappearance. Along the way, Chelsea will come face to face with powerful bent on preserving their dark secrets.

Game features:
Intriguing plot full of twists and turns creates an atmosphere of danger. Compelling adventure told through hidden-object clues and riddles. Beautiful graphics of exotic locations including Paris and Ethiopia. Hidden-object puzzles and a variety of mini-games challenge player's skills.

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