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Friday, January 28, 2011

The GNOMON Workshop - Adobe Photoshop for Digital Production UPDATED Essential Techniques for Film, Broadcast and Games free full download

Ad0be Photoshop is the preferred, industry-standard software for photo manipulation and graphics creation, but using it effectively for projects in production is key. Learning the tools inside and out will help develop the knowledge, efficiency and workflow for creating your next masterpiece or for your project's success.
This DVD unfolds the myriad of tools and production techniques for compositing, color correcting, masking, digital painting, photo-collage and design. This DVD contains an overview of the most commonly used tools in production, and then applies them with added techniques to real-world projects. The DVD also addresses program management issues that are essential for today's "generalist" or 2D/3D production artist.

Topics Covered
* Masking
* Selections
* Compositing
* Digital Painting
* Color Correcting
* Photo-Collage
* Layer Techniques
* Workflow Customization

Chapters: Disk One
1. Basics and Actions
2. Brushes and Presets
3. Adjusting Layers and Styles
4. Selections
5. Raster and Vectors
6. Creating Graphics
7. Digital Painting

Chapters: Disk Two
1. Render Pass Compositing
2. Sky Replacement Part 1
3. Sky Replacement Part 2
4. Texture Collage Part 1
5. Texture Collage Part 2

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