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Thursday, January 20, 2011

BitDefender 2011 AIO (All in One) Antivirus Pro x32 x64 + Internet Security x32 x64 + Total Security x32 x64 free full download with crack


- BitDefender 2011 Antivirus Pro 32bit
- BitDefender 2011 Antivirus Pro 64bit
- BitDefender 2011 Internet Security 32bit
- BitDefender 2011 Internet Security 64bit
- BitDefender 2011 Total Security 32bit
- BitDefender 2011 Total Security 64bit
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(1) Decide which version of BitDefender 2011 you want to install.
3 different versions are included, each in either x86 (32bit)
or x64 (64bit) flavours.

(2) You can choose any version you'd like, either "AntiVirus",
"Internet Security", or "Total Security". If you're unsure
of which one to choose, just install "Internet Security".

(3) Make sure you choose the right flavour (x86 or x64) for your
system. Don't worry, if you pick the wrong one Windows will
tell you so.

(4) Double click on the installer or your choice and follow the
prompts. If you are prompted to create or sign into a
BitDefender account, just make a throw-away email address and
use that.

(5) Once the installation has finished restart your computer in
"Safe Mode". To start in "Safe Mode" press the F8 key when
your computer starts to boot. A menu will appear with several

(6) When your Desktop has started in "Safe Mode", right click on
"Box_BD2011.exe" and choose "Run as Administrator".

(7) Click on the button marked "Year 2047". A dialogue will appear
telling you that the operation was successful.

(8) Restart your PC again (in normal mode) and it should be done.

(9) Make sure you update BitDefender and run a virus scan.

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