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Friday, January 28, 2011

Rogero Manager v7.9c 3.41-3.55 CFW free full download PS3 hack

Rogero has made public his new manager version and it has some goodies included. The new Rogero v7.9c features LV2 Patcher v5 built in (v6 only added a new icon0.png). It also brings us optimized memory management for maximum results with LV2 Patcher.

The new version is 7.9c and includes following changes:

7.9.c - Fixed the integrated Lv2_Patcher compatibility to be exactly the same as the standalone "lv2_v5.pkg".
7.9.c - Optimized the memory management at startup to the maximum for best results with the Lv2_Patcher.
7.9.c - Removed lV2_Patcher startup notification screen for added compatibility when loading payload.
7.9.c - Start the Manager without any USB devices plugged-in & without Game Disc to avoid startup problems.

He also states that this version deletes the game history sent to Sony if you plan to play online. Quoting from PSX-SCENE:

"yes, both packages (Stealth & standard) have the "clean history" function triggered at each startup, the stealth package have also the Title ID spoofed to an original game ID."

This one has the latest LV2_v5 already pre patched so no need to run the lv2.pkg anymore.
Some might say: Hey the LV2_v6 is the latest one, true, but v6 only added a different icon, so there is no difference between using LV2_v5 or LV2_v6

Free download on link below:

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