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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Total Commander Ultima Prime 5.2 free full download with serial key

An extended version of Total Commander

Total Commander Ultima Prime is a special distribution of Christian Ghisler's Total Commander with many useful third-party add-ons, plug-ins and customisations. It also contains extended main menu and toolbar, other programs, changed layout and other elements.

What's New in This Release: · Added function to make Opera@USB as default system Browser. · Added function to autopin TC UP (and other programs) icon on Windows 7 Taskbar and Start Menu (based on Windows Script Host Script, experimental). Works only on systems with EN, PL and DE language (for now). · Designed new Windows 7 drive bar. · TC UP Turbo - General code optimization. New design of information window. · Function to read installation language for uninstaller and repair mode. · Updated VirtualDisk driver. · Updated NSIS plugins (EmbeddedLists.dll (v1.4 RC2), LockedList.dll (v2.0), by Stu). · Updated Installer pages graphics and design. · Updated Installer pages. General updates and code optimization. · Updated TC UP licenses (translation, moved here credits). · Removed Credits from Welcome Page. · Removed modification of %PATH% system variable. · Removed WINAMP support in Total Commander taskbar information (for now). · Updated Uninstaller Repair Mode. · Updated Uninstaller code rewritten ...

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