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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Total Commander 7.56a free full download with crack

A file manager for Windows similar to the Windows Explorer

Total Commander (former Wincmd) is a file manager for Windows similar to the Windows Explorer. But Total Commander uses a different approach: it has two fixed windows side by side like a well-known file manager for DOS.

Total Commander (formerly know as Wincmd) is an file manager replacement for the Windows Explorer. This is the 32 bit version for Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000/XP. A 16 bit version is also available.

Total Commander handles archives like subdirectories. It supports ZIP/ARJ/LHA/RAR/UC2/TAR/GZ/CAB/ACE archives, and has an internal ZIP-compatible packer. The search function allows to search for files
inside archives, even for text.

A command line helps starting programs with parameters, and a fully configurable button bar allows to launch programs and internal commands. The built-in viewer can show files in text, hex, binary, image and multimedia format.

The 32 bit version supports Drag&Drop from and to explorer/desktop, delete to the recycle bin, and Explorer style context menus/property sheets. FTP servers on the Internet can be accessed like local drives.

A configurable directory hotlist (bookmarks) and history list make directory navigation easier.

The sync function allows to synchronize two complete directory trees, and the compare function shows the difference of two binary or text files highlighted side by side.

What's New in This Release:

· New unrar.dll crashes on certain damaged archives -> return to unrar.dll from TC 7.55a
· Fixed: Workaround to possible security flaw in Windows html help module (loading dlls from wrong directory)
· Fixed: Lister, UTF-8 search forward or backward could hang with 255 character search string
· Fixed: F5 copy, option "Copy to all selected folders/links": In branch view, the file was only copied to subdirs, not to the base dir, even if a file was selected there
· Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Highlight text color wrong when not using SyncSelBack option
· Fixed: Do not show old search results in "Expand selection" - "Define"
· Fixed: Master password dialog: Maximum password length (256 characters) could only be entered via copy+paste, not by typing it (3 characters less)
· Fixed: New unrar.dll was hanging on Windows 9x/ME
· Fixed: Could not copy file from inside one archive to archive in other panel if the other was a self-extracting archive from a plugin (e.g. 7zip)

Free download on link below:

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