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Friday, April 22, 2011

UltraEdit free full download with serial key (keygen)

Text, HEX, HTML, PHP and Programmer's Editor. Supports FTP/SFTP & UNICODE

UltraEdit is a Text editor, HTML editor, PHP editor, HEX editor.
UltraEdit is suitable for general text editing, programmer's, web designers, binary editing, email, and all your editing needs.


What's New in This Release:
Completely re-engineered explorer window for File View:
· Optional split view for folders on top, files on bottom
· Split view for FTP accounts
· New Network item to browse network/shared directories
· New Open Files option (from right-clicking folder in Explorer)
Greatly expanded drag-and-drop functionality for lists/file tabs:
· Drag a file tab to the File View to add it to a list or to your active project
· Drag files from Lists or Explorer to open in the editor
XML Manager additions:
· New "Attributes" pane for exploring and modifying node attributes
· "Format Document" context menu option for reformatting XML
· Double-click a node in the XML Manager to expand it in the file
New file tab status icons for:
· New files
· Saved/unsaved files
· FTP files
· Read-only files
Highlight all occurrences of selected word:
· Activated via Shift + Double Click
· Alternatively activated via Ctrl + . (will highlight word under caret)
· New "Highlight All Selected" toolbar icon / key mapping command for quick access
· Persistent "Highlight All" for Find
· HTML and XML open/close tag matching
· New File Open and Save As dialogs for Vista/Win 7 (including Favorites, Libraries, etc.)
· "Count All" functionality for selected text or in column range
· Increased wordfile color groups for up to 15 total groups
· Completely re-themed modern icon set
· Ability to lock toolbars
· New config item (File Handling -> Save) to maintain Save As directory for duration of edit session
· Configure order of file name / application name in title bar
· New streamlined installation and registration for ease of license management
· Other improvements and enhancements

Free download on link below:

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