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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Super Nintendo For PSP Emulator free full download (high speed torrent)

Size: 649 MB

Extract to PSP/Game and you're good to go.
CFW is NOT required, nor is any other mess. Just extract as stated.
Includes 778 SNES Roms and the emulator. I've collected all the USA/EU games I could find, if you have any I don't have let me know with a PM or something. Some unlicensed games may be included, but I'm considering collecting them and uploading them in a separate torrent.
NOTE: I have NOT tested all of the ROMS, but most of them have been tested and work perfectly. If one doesn't work please comment and I'll see if I can find one that does or find out if it's just incompatible with the emulator. I'm running the emulator on version 6.37 OFW, so anything below that I can't vouch for. But it should work! Enjoy!

File type: High speed torrent with the download speed of maximum of your internet connection. Why hassle with torrents from some torrent sites and wait for ages for your game to download? Download it in no time with this high speed torrent. You can see the proof by clicking on image link: (My internet connection speed is 4Mb/s and as you can see it is downloading at its maximum at 481.5 kB/s. If your internet connection is faster you will download it at your internet connection maximum speed).

Free download on link below:

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