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Friday, June 4, 2010

Handball Simulator European Tournament 2010-TiNYiSO PC Game and Crack free full download (high speed torrent)

Handball Simulator: European Tournament 2010 (c) Astragon
Release On : 2 June 2010
Disk Amount/Format : 1 CD ISO

Type of Game : Handball Simulator
Media Protection : CD Check
Size: 716.8MB

Release Information

With Handball Simulator: European Tournament 2010 you take over one of sixteen national teams to lead it through a tournament. Handball Simulator: European Tournament 2010 is the first pure simulation game of this popular sport on PC worldwide You have to revert to clever moves to stand up to your rivals. Formation and tactics of your team could also make the difference between win or defeat.
This action-packed simulation not only includes several single
player modes but also a multiplayer mode to play with or against your friends on one PC.
16 teams with individual strengths and weaknesses
Single player modes: friendly match, tournament and 7-meter mode Multiplayer mode Several difficulty levels.

Burn/mount, install, copy content from TiNYiSO folder on the CD, then play

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