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Saturday, June 26, 2010

AVG Internet Security 9.0 Build 837a2944 free full download with serial key

Complete security protection against all of the most serious Internet threats, including viruses, worms, spyware, trojans, etc.

AVG Internet Security combines all the modern detection technologies in one integrated security solution: signature, heuristic, behavioral, in-the-cloud, and white listing. This combination of approaches delivers a comprehensive security package.
FASTER – Scanning times can be a key requirement for customers. AVG Internet Security utilizes a methodology that marks files as safe or potentially unsafe and then doesn’t scan the safe files again until the file structure changes. This reduces scanning times by up to 50 percent.
We have increased the degree of integration between the Resident Shield, firewall, and Identity Protection modules, allowing them share malware information with one other. This results in increased detection.
We listened to our customers and reviewers comments about our firewall. It’s been redesigned to be less intrusive. It works more tightly with Internet Security’s other components. There is no sacrifice in speed. Our new Trusted/Unsafe Database allows us to make more decisions for the user without their input. This makes the application quieter, safer, and more accurate. We’ve enhanced the real-time safe surfing capabilities of AVG LinkScanner and its heuristic capabilities. It applies more than 100 different threat indicators to a web page. If the results are inconclusive, it makes a call into the cloud and our research network to make a final call. 60% of transient threats exist on a site for less than a day. The AVG LinkScanner component is designed to stop them.
The number of screens required to install the product has been reduced by about half. The user interface has been redesigned. Internet Security 9.0 will detect a significant number of security solutions that could be on the system. We’re partnering with
OPSWAT to provide our customers their AppRemover utility. This will make it easier for them to completely uninstall other security software that may cause conflicts with our solution.
FOR GAMERS - Internet Security offers Gamer Mode. This allows the Gamer to enjoy online games without sacrificing security. Gamers won’t be interrupted by a “Firewall Ask Dialog”, for example, should an unknown application attempt to establish an Internet connection. The end result is a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Identity theft can happen when someone is online or off. We want to ensure home users solid assistance if the unthinkable occurs. We’re partnering with Intersections, Inc. a leading identity theft protection service, to offer AVG Identity Theft Recovery Unit. Users who become a victim of identity theft will be able access to a dedicated team of fraud experts. Their sole purpose is to help sort out all the problems they may encounter while they put their life back in order.

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