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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vistanita Duplicate Finder (formerly Vistanita Twin2Die) 3.9.0 free full download with patch

Locate true duplicate file, duplicate music and duplicate picture in a couple of simple clicks.

Vistanita Duplicate Finder was designed to find true duplicate files,duplicate music and duplicate picture. You may not realize that there could be thousands of duplicate files on your hard-drive. These extra files may be duplicated when you make a copy / backup of them, or by downloading the same file twice.

The extra files clog your hard-drive and slow down your computer. Vistanita Duplicate Finder will find and remove duplicate files from your system, freeing valuable hard-drive space and increasing your computers performance!

When there are only few duplicate files, it is possible to locate and delete them manually. However, when there are hundreds or even thousands of duplicate files, manually locating and deleting them is almost impossible. This is why you need Vistanita Duplicate Finder!

Here are some key features of "Vistanita Duplicate Finder (formerly Vistanita Twin2Die)":

· Support large file over 2GB.
· Find true duplicate file using byte-to-byte comparison which is 100% accurate.
· Find duplicate music by comparing tag similarity, such as by artist, title and
· album.
· Find duplicate picture by comparing their visual similarity.
· Find file with similar name.
· Save and shutdown PC feature. It's like "shutdown PC when finish" feature in CD burning software.

Free download on link below:

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