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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Install Creator Pro 2.0.35 Winall free full download with serial key

An amazingly versatile installation program builder

With Install Creator Pro, you will be able to gather and compress a large number of files in one single executable file. Then you'll be able to distribute it to your users so that they can install your product using a clear and simple interface.

While being very simple to use, Install Creator Pro allows you to personalize the installation program and use all the resources of the Windows environment (un-installation from the Control Panel, management of dll, adding icons to the Start Menu and desktop, Ini files and the registry).

Here are some key features of "Install Creator Pro":

All the files in one:

· The installation program will contain all your files. It does not need any other program, dll or other library files to run in the Windows environment.

Simple for you:

· It allows you to select a single directory since the Wizard will automatically create all files and sub-directories that it needs to install on the destination machine. That's with the Wizard or you can choose to use the main interface, where you will have access to multiple options. This is also just as simple to operate and you can personalize your installation program in much more detail.

Easy Installation/Un-installation:

· Your users have only to click on your installation program and follow the instructions. All your files will be directly installed on their hard disk. Install Creator Pro will add (if you wish it) a program group of icons in the Start menu and on the desktop. An uninstall icon will allow the user to automatically remove your whole application without leaving a trace.

A fully optimized program:

· The install program added to your files is highly compact. It takes up approximately 85 kb including texts of the installation wizard (130 Kb with uninstall program and standard bitmaps). To the simplicity of Install Creator Pro is added a performance way beyond similar programs in its category.

Gain more space:

· The compression capabilities integrated into Install Creator Pro allows (according to the structure of files) a reduction of the volume of data by up to 80% in the installation program.

Gain time:

· If you distribute your programs via the Internet your users will appreciate downloading your applications more rapidly. It takes only a few seconds for Install Creator Pro to restore an application of several megabytes when previously it would have taken several long minutes just to download.

Free download on link below:

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