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Monday, March 15, 2010

Windows 7 KB971033 activation-crack Hack 7 v3 free download

As Chew-WGA is an activator for Windows 7 that does not touch the bios or make any modification in the boot. I clarify something I wondered about that many antivirus detected the previous version of Hack7 "as a virus or trojan. Antivirus like Avast! Avira, Kaspersky ... The detected as false positives according to the date of its database. If this happens do the download with the antivirus turned off, just for installation. The composition and mechanism of this actuator is the same but much more improved than hack7 v2, the signature or digital identification program refers to its name by using "Hack" for it.

Comparing: Chew-WGA 0.9 - Hack7 v2 - Hack7 v
Features Hack7 v3:
- You can install the WAT (KB971033) and then install the "Hack7 v3" to disable the system will update even if it is installed.
- You can not install the WAT (KB971033) and install the "Hack7 v3" that will block the download of the update.
- You can even download the update kb971033 on systems with a loader and use the Hack7 v3 to disable after installation.
- Can be installed on Hack7 v2 or Chew-WGA 0.9, just click on update Hack7, the system will detect the version and update it.
- It will block or disable if installed kb9710033
- If the system has been detected by the WAT as not genuine, it will reactivate and deactivate the update without having to uninstall.
- The system will remain genuine in all cases (1.9.0019 tool that MGADiagn.exe annexed by the discharge Hack7 v3)

Free download on link below:

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