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Friday, July 15, 2011

Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio 18.07 Free Full Download with Serial Key (Keygen)

Digital paint software and photo editor with natural art tools

TwistedBrush Pro Studio is a digital paint software and photo editor with natural art tools. TwistedBrush Pro Studio has one of the most versatile and powerful brush engines in existence, yet it as designed from day one to be easy to use.
TwistedBrush has more than 5,000 brushes, along with all the features that artists love to use: layers, realistic media, photo cloning, tracing, masks, particles, filters, script recording, scripts to AVI, drawing tablet support, brush shapes, atterns, textures, integrated scanner support, image brushes, drawing guides, reference image views, dirty brushes, scratch layer, dynamic palettes and a whole lot more. Best of all, feature updates are frequent.


What's New in This Release:
· Added - ArtSet Art Pro Large Format added. Brushed designed for huge brush sizes.
· Added - A Rule of Thirds Grid option has been added to the Crop tool.
· Added - Alpha Edge Color filter added to the Color category.
· Improved - When Entering a name for a Combo palette check for user supplied prefix of "Combo - " and remove it from the name otherwise that prefix will be duplicated.
· Improved - Significant improvement in the automatic disposal of Undo steps when memory is low at the time the memory is needed!
· Improved - Undo memory was not being freed as soon as it could be resulting in some actions failing if memory was low.
· Improved - When using the Save Base Palette pop-up menu option if the palette file exists present a overwrite confirm dialog.
· Improved - Pressing the space bar while using any of the rectangle or ellipse based tools will hide the coordinate information box.
· Improved - Don't allow pasting into an invisible layer.
· Improved - Don't allow loading...

Free download on link below:

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