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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Solidworks 2011 64-bit free full download with crack

Want to transform your inspirations into reality? Give your designs form, ensure their fit, and find out –fast– how they’ll function, using SolidWorks 2011. Communicate your vision to colleagues, partners, and clients. Collaborate efficiently to reduce costs, maximize quality, and deepen customer satisfaction.


Create powerful photorealistic renderings of your designs with more ease and in less time than ever. PhotoView 360 is now fully integrated into SolidWorks –bringing SolidWorks materials, decals, lighting, scenes, appearances, and more, directly from your model to your rendering. No need to launch a new application, because PhotoView 360 is a powerful tool for rendering large animations. For a more immersive experience, escort your clients through your design with ease using new WalkThrough capabilities. Navigate at will via your mouse or an onscreen console –no preset paths required. Just explore.

True, innovation can be risky, but a great new product can transform your career and your business. Minimize risk and maximize reward by simulating the physical behavior of your new creation before you manufacture it. Then make sure you’re first to market with your invention by compressing your development cycles using virtual prototypes. SolidWorks Simulation is an easy-to-use, intuitive suite for these activities, with powerful capabilities for stresses, impact, heat, airflow, and more -all accessible from within the SolidWorks CAD interface.

Consumers’ appetites for environmentally sustainable products are growing exponentially. Instantly infuse eco-friendly design practices into your product development process with SolidWorks Sustainability software. Easy, in-depth lifecycle assessments provide a complete analysis of a product’s environmental footprint from the moment it’s manufactured until the end of its life. Use that insight to make environmentally intelligent decisions about material choices, sourcing, manufacturing processes, and disposal.

Share information freely and securely to coordinate project teams in the same office, building, or hemisphere. Improved collaboration fuels superior innovation, higher quality, and lower costs. Involve nontechnical staff, partners, vendors, and clients with a highly scalable data repository, automated workflows, enterprise integration, and support for drawings, models, bills of materials, marketing specs, images, emails, quotes, and more.

Quickly and easily create a wide range of compelling technical communications, either printed or highly interactive, by working directly from read-only CAD models. Since no engineering skills are required, marketers can use 3DVIA Composer to easily generate product manuals, marketing brochures, technical illustrations, assembly instructions, product animations for training, and much more. For the first time, you create documentation concurrently with product design, not after the fact. And engineers can focus on engineering. As a result, the organization drives more business, reduces operational costs, and shortens time-to-market.

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