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Monday, October 25, 2010

Total Commander DreamLair 2010.2 free full download with crack

Total Commander DreamLair 2010.2 the most balanced and workable assembly on the basis of popular file manager Total Commander. Added configuration, plug ins and additional tools, greatly extending the core functionality of the program and ensure optimum performance. Also added a set of programs for viewing and processing of various types of files, as well as for basic computer maintenance. Building works without having to install, simply unpack the distribution, for plug ins and Virtual Disk Motorola.P2K need to run the file from a folder _Setup32.exe with Total Commander (or file _Setup64.exe for 64 bit Windows, respectively). However, some files are copied to the folder WindowsSystem32.

Total Commander 7.50a

Complete set of Russification TC 7.50a Lite (Vlasov Konstantin Kazakov, Vadim)
AkelPad 4.3.6 with plugins powerful free text editor

ChoiceEditor 1.95c choice of editor programs for F4
TC Color Editing the color files and folders

NTFS Links 1.21 create hard links

TC Plugins Manager 2.2.1 External plugin manager
TweakTC 6.03 SR 3 tuner for Total Commander
Ultra TC Editors 5.54 tool for comprehensive configuration
Universal Viewer 5.1.0 different file viewer
Button to work with 7z SFX archives 0.12.4 (by gora)
Package ????????????
Total Commander 7.50 (by Maximus)
Extended English Menus for Total Commander 7.50 (by petermad)
Libeay32.dll and Libssl32.dll for FTP connection protocol SSL / TLS AIMP 2.60.530 the best audio player Ant Renamer 2.10 Rename files
AntiDupl.NET find duplicate images
AnVir Task Manager 6.2.0 process manager

Atlantis Nova viewing and editing files. Doc and. Rtf
Audacity 1.3.11 powerful free audio editor
Autoruns 9.57 view and edit the startup
AVSearch 3.13 search files on fragments of text
Browzar small web browser
CDSlow 4.0 management of CD DVD drive
CLCL 1.1.2 work with clipboard
Console 2.00 Beta build 145 enhanced command line

Defraggler 1.16.165 compact disk defragmenter
DOSBox 0.73 the emulator DOS environment
DupKiller 0.8.3 search for duplicate files

Enable Button 1.1 Unlock menu of many programs
Everything instant search of files (only works with NTFS)

FTP Drive 3.5 expanding opportunities to work with FTP

Foxit Reader view pdf files

Hamachi Portable create virtual local area network
HPUSBFW 2.0.6 formatting flash drives

HxD powerful free hex editor

Internet Maniac 1.2d working with internet services
LCISOCreator 1.1 creating iso files from the CD DVD ROM drive
Locate32 RC3g a powerful program for finding files
LockHunter 1.0 beta 3 unlock and delete files and folders
Media Player Classic HomeCinema 1.3.1597.0 a powerful video player
Mp3tag 2.45b metadata editor for music files
MyLanViewer 3.3.5 scanner computer network
Neo Utilities 1.5b a set of tools and cleaning systems
Notepad + + 5.6.6 a powerful text editor
Paint.NET 3.52 powerful free graphics editor
Password Cracker view passwords hidden with asterisks
PC Wizard 2009.1.93 information about your computer POP
Peeper 3.5 a free compact mail client

PowerOff 6.2 08 beta the planner of the computer
QNote 3.0 beta6 small program for recording thoughts and deeds
R & Q 1109 miniature ICQ client

Recuva 1.35.472 recover deleted files
RegAlyzer registry editor Registry
Trash Keys Finder 3.8.1 SR3 tool for cleaning Registry

Regshot creating and comparing snapshots Registry

Resource Hacker 3.5.2 Universal Resource Editor

Restorator 2007 3.70.1747 Universal Resource Editor
Revo Uninstaller 1.85 uninstaller programs installed
SpaceSniffer the distribution of information on the hard drive

Spread32 2.03 file editor
TheCalc 3.02 multifunctional calculator
TrueCrypt 6.3a Program to encrypt data on the fly
TweakUI program to configure the system
Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2.1 tuner Windows 7

UltraExplorer convenient analog Explorer

UltraVNC Work with the remote computer
Universal Extractor 1.6.2 unpacking archives and files
Unlocker 1.8.8 unlock and delete files and folders

UUDS program for recording CDs
VirtualCDROM virtual drive
VirtualDub video editor
VPatch 3.2 the creation of patches
WinDjView 1.0.3 viewer file format.
Djvu and. Djv
WinMerge 2.12.4 compare files and directories
WinUDA 0.291 powerful archiver manyunky
WinUpack 0.399 compress executable files

Wise Disk Cleaner Free 4.9.1 a powerful cleaner files
Wise Registry Cleaner Free 4.9.3 a powerful registry cleaner
XPTweaker powerful tweaker tuner
Slovogryz 3.1 tool for finding and replacing text on a mask 7zip
Support 7 zip archives

AES encryptor 0.6.3 coding decoding files

AviWcx 1.7 work with avi files
bzip2 1.2
Support file formats BZIP2

Catalog Maker 3.1.6 creating a list of files

CHMDir 0.40g support files.
DEB plugin 1.0
Image installation packages
Debian Linux

DiskDir Extended 1.60 list of files and folders (the expansion. Cfg)

Gaup PRO show unpacking archives of the games
GifUnpack unpacking gif files

Graphics Converter 1.9 Beta 4 Graphic File Conversion
ICLRead Work with icl files (icon lib s).....

Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 Build Date: 2010 02 07 Assembly language: Eng, Rus, Ukr

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