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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Police Simulator-VACE PC Game and crack free full download (high speed torrent)

  • Excalibur Publishing Limited
  • Simulation
  • Release: Sep 17, 2010 (EU)
  • Size: 107 MB

Assume the role of chief of police and take control of your police force in a living, breathing city. Coordinate patrol cars, police helicopters, forensics, special task forces and many other unique divisions. Keep an eye on the day-to-day events which unfold around you, with the help of detailed strategic maps of the city. You will experience a variety of exciting, spectacular and realistic operational scenarios day and night – drug dealing, robberies, police chases and even riots! A cool head and a well-planned strategy are essential!

As head honcho, you will have to manage the equipment, training and deployment of your police staff. You are also responsible for the daily administrative tasks. Whether you have to deal with the police budget or recruitment, with Police Simulator you will experience the realistic daily routine of the police.


*A unique mixture of simulation and real-time strategy
*Fight crime in a modern, sprawling city
*Numerous landmarks such as airports and stadiums, and diverse regions such as industrial parks, banking districts, slums and VIP residential areas are all within your jurisdiction
*Spectacular operations such as police chases, riots, robbery and much more!
*The shift from day to night determines traffic volume and crime rate
* Manage your staff, create operational plans and improve equipment and skills of your police squads
* Comprehensive career mode with varying degrees of difficulty
*Realistic sounds; police radio, sirens and ambient noise


1. Extract
2. Run setup.bat, after thats done hit police.exe to play.
3. Have fun!

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