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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Navicoder IDE for Java 3.0.1 free full download with serial key (keygen)

A Java IDE that enables programmers to create and debug code faster.

NaviCoder is a Java IDE that runs on Windows which enables programmers to create, navigate, modify, and debug code faster and more accurately. NaviCoder can be used in conjunction with different Java Developer Kits by configurating JDK profiles.

NaviCoder features an intuitive interface and provides a wide range of features: fast opening, rapid response times, customizable user interface, project management, wizards, class viewer, package viewer, tabbed documents and remote debugging. In addition, NaviCoder equips a comprehensive set of code editor tools enabling developers to rapidly create sophisticated Java applications/applets, some of the capabilities, including syntax highlighting, smart code completion, automatic indentation, formatting, and more.

From the instant you launch NaviCoder, youll appreciate its speed. For quick changes you can launch NaviCoder, make your edits, and close down in less time than it takes for other IDEs to finish loading. Since the engine is native C++, you will be able to enjoy rapid response times from your mouse commands and keyboard.

NaviCoder also contains various project wizards to move into actual coding faster by automating project set-up steps. Easy installation and intuitive interface make NaviCoder an irreplaceable tool for your Java development

Here are some key features of "Navicoder IDE for Java":

Latest JDK versions support:

· Compatible with any JDK version.
· Support of multiple JDK profiles.
· Support of JSP 1.x.
· Support of Ant.

Well-designed user interface:

· Provide recent project and files list at Start Page.
· Support of multiple workspaces.
· Support of multi-document editing.
· Split view support.
· Full Screen View.
· Maximized View.
· Cross-document search support.
· Well-described Wizard system.
· Navigation through projects, classes, packages and files with hierarchy browser.
· Support of customizing MDI tab Interface.

Intelligent and comprehensive Java editor:

· Back and forward functionality.
· Support of smart code completion and parameter guessing feature.
· Provide code folding.
· Syntax checking and highlighting.
· Highlighted matches words and brackets.
· Highlighted current line.
· Occurrence marker.
· Overview ruler.
· Block selection.
· Bookmarking.
· Back and forward functionality.
· Auto-indent and outdent, tabs and spaces displays.
· Indentation guide.
· Unlimited undo/redo capability.
· Incremental search in the editor.

Native JDWP Debugger:

· Support of setting breakpoints.
· Stepping through a program.
· Inspecting variables and stack traces.
· Remote Debugging.

Additional features:

· Written entirely in C++.
· Class, Package and Interface wizard.
· Export tool.
· External tool.
· Support of customize keyboard shortcuts.

Free download on link below:

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