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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PLUS 8 TRAINER free download

F1 - Infinite Ammo
This option will give you an infinite amount of ammo on all your weapons.
F7 - Infinite Grenades
This option will give you an infinite amount of grenades and special grenades.
F2 - Infinite Health
This option will give you infinite health, you can not be killed.
F3 - Super Speed
This option will allow you to travel with the speed of light.
F4 - Super Accuracy
With this option enabled your weapons will shoot much more accurate.
F5 - No-Recoil
With this option enabled the nasty Recoil affect on your weapons will be gone.
F6 - One Hit Kill
Press this button and ONLY the PLAYER will be able to kill everyone with just
one shot.
NUMPAD1 - Save Position
Press this button to save your player coordinates. You can use this later to restore them.
NUMPAD2 - Restore Position
Press this button to be teleported back to the place where you saved your player coordinates. You will instantly teleport back to your last saved position.
F8 - Super Jump
With this option enabled you can jump much higher than usual. In certain cases it is wise to have health enabled.

Free download on link below:
DOWNLOAD (125.71 KB)

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