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Monday, August 8, 2011

Sega Emulator + 800 Games for PC Cracked Free Full Download (high speed torrent)

System Requirements:
- Operating system: Windows ? 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
- Processor: with a frequency of 1000 MHz
- Memory: 256 MB
- Video card: GeForce 2 MX class or higher
- Free disk space: 1 GB
- Sound: DirectX-compatible sound card
- Controls: Keyboard

Sega Classic 800 Games & Emulator Sega Classics is also included in the ISO which is 100% compatible with Windows 7.
I have tested it in Windows 7 Ultimate x86 myself:

Install notes:
Just mount the image and play.

File type: High speed torrent with the download speed of maximum of your internet connection. Why hassle with torrents from some torrent sites and wait for ages for your game to download? Download it in no time with this high speed torrent. You can see the proof by clicking on image link: (My internet connection speed is 10 Mbit/s and as you can see it is downloading at its maximum at 1.1 MB/s. If your internet connection is faster you will download it at your internet connection maximum speed).

Free download on link below:

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