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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Puzzle Quest 2 - TiNYiSO PC Game and Crack free full download (high speed torrent)

  • D3Publisher
  • Infinite Int.
  • Action Puzzle
  • Release: Aug 12, 2010
  • ESRB: Everyone 10+
  • Size: 498 MB

Escape to a puzzle game fantasy world filled with amazing creatures, powerful weapons, and challenging minigames! Addicting Match 3 gameplay is blended seamlessly with immersive role playing in this sequel to the award-winning Puzzle Quest! Jump right into the action and customize your character with any one of four classes, each with different skills and abilities. Gain experience and earn treasure as you progress through the adventure, unlocking new spells and harder Match 3 challenges! Are you a brave enough hero to reclaim the once peaceful village of Verloren from
the evil clutches of the demon Gorgon? Learn to use new mana gems, spells, weapons and much more. Customize your characters with 4 classes in both genders. Explore an immense and immersive fantasy world in story mode! Play tons of unique minigames to earn treasure and experience.


Burn/mount, install, copy content from TiNYiSO folder, then play

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