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Friday, July 30, 2010

Just Cause 2 Update 1-SKIDROW PC free full download

Just Cause 2 Update 1

- Fixed issues that would cause vehicles and people would stop
- Enemies will not fire on the player while they are
struggling with an enemy on a vehicle.
- Increased the presence of the Vanderbildt Leisure
- Benchmark results now displays correct memory for various
graphics cards.
- Fix to allow players to bind mouse button 4 and 5.
- Fix to allow players to bind E button
- Fix to display quicktime prompts correctly when running in
Eyefinity mode.
- Enable triple buffering when vsync is on.
- Lowered mouse sensitivity when freefalling.
- Localized "Completion" for Polish and Russian versions
- Localized "Mercenary Mode" for Polish version.
- Correct settings on benchmark results screen (MSAA rather
than CSAA) when using AMD GPU's.
- Reduced input to update lag.
- Limit frame latency command line option, for reducing input
to render lag ( /dxframelatency=n, 1-3, default 3).
- Shadow size cull tweaking command line options
( /shadowcullnear=f, /shadowcullmiddle=f, /shadowcullfar=f,
or /shadowcull=f for all buffers, default: 1.0)
- Numerous stability improvements.

Install Notes:

1. Unpack the included rar files.
2. Run Just.Cause.2.Update.1.exe and install
3. Copy the cracked content from SKIDROW directory to your
main installation directory and overwrite.
4. Play the game

Free download on link below:

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